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Welcome to Gotham Gazette’s Councilpedia. Gotham Gazette, published by Citizens Union Foundation, has created Councilpedia to expand and enrich the conversation about money and politics in New York City by enabling you, our readers, to share information about city elected officials and the people and organizations that give them money. You can search a politician’s campaign donations, the bills he or she sponsored and member items — and then tell us what you know. Did a candidate take money from a developer charged with building code violations? Click on that contribution and tell us. Did another council member introduce legislation at the urging of a particular union? Connect those dots for us. And you can read and discuss comments by other readers. We’ll review submissions as promptly as possible — and let you know which ones check out.

Councilpedia is an experiment that seeks to involve readers in reporting on politics in New York City. It remains a work in progress. We’re relying on readers like you to help us improve it. Please go to the Feedback page or send your comments to info at

Get things started by going to your politician of choice. For instructions on what to do next, go here.

(Councilpedia is funded by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.)

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